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Position Summary

Experienced Attorney at Fast Paced, Exciting Law Firm

Are you an experienced general counsel or litigation attorney looking for something different? Something better? What about a new challenge and innovative way to practice law? Would you like to work with a dynamic team of legal professionals who appreciate you and help shape the future of the firm you belong to? If so, an exceptional opportunity awaits you where you can take your legal career to new heights at a relatively new and state-of-the-art law firm that will consistently value and reward your skills, expertise, and work ethic.

Outside Chief Legal LLC (OCL) provides its clients with a broad spectrum of legal services and practices. For most clients, we effectively operate as their chief legal executive and legal department, aligning creative legal solutions with complimentary business strategies to both protect and promote their business and its owners. For other clients, we support in-house counsel and legal departments where we can provide value and expertise. We are facilitators, strategic thinkers, risk managers, cost supervisors, and above all, a consistent voice of reason advocating for the client's best interests at all times.

OCL is looking for an experienced, aggressive (when needed), and multi-tasking attorney who can efficiently and effectively handle a complex and diverse caseload, work independently and collaboratively, tackle cutting-edge legal issues, have a passion for excellence, personal and team development, and deliver the highest quality and timely results for clients.

Those chosen will earn a competitive salary and benefits package, operate in a flexible (hybrid work-from-home) and supportive environment, have access to cutting-edge legal software, technology, and equipment, and have the opportunity to be an active contributor in a firm constantly striving to improve.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of varied experience in civil litigation, corporate counsel, or as general counsel at a sizeable organization. The candidate should have superior writing and communication skills, strong analytical abilities, and a proven track record of success.

Ideal Candidate Will Also Have Following Characteristics:

  • Be punctual and reliable with a strong commitment to character, integrity, and work ethic
  • The ability and flexibility to produce outstanding results at a growing firm


  • Develop a legal strategy based on each client's goals, the facts of the case, and applicable law
  • Conduct client meetings to recommend strategies on legal matters, analyze all available options, and diligently work to determine the absolute best course of action
  • Meet or exceed key performance indicators designed for the position
  • Distribute tasks to paralegals and legal assistants and monitor their progress while remaining fully responsible for the final result and meeting all internal and external deadlines
  • Maintain an accurate record of the time and value you give clients so you can analyze where your successes are, as well as establish what you could do better in the future
  • Attend court hearings, depositions, or other legal processes, do legal research, and help other attorneys with their cases


  • Juris Doctor (J.D. degree) from an accredited law school
  • Candidates must have passed the bar exam and be in good standing with the Alabama Bar Association
  • Candidates must have civil litigation, corporate counsel, or general counsel experience
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • A positive, motivating attitude, meeting or raising the standard of conduct and performance of existing firm members
  • Proven track record of experience practicing as an attorney


$125,000 + Based on Experience

About Outside Chief Legal LLC

Outside Chief Legal LLC (OCL) is the newest brand of partner operative. OCL provides preventive, solution-oriented legal services combined with business acumen aimed to support overall strategies and missions for companies not having legal counsel in either a General Counsel (GC) or Chief Legal Officer (CLO) format. These growing organizations are typically family-run, limited liability companies, and smaller organizations that also seek c-suite legal protection combined with creative and pragmatic solutions to bottom-line challenges and the opportunities they may create. OCL also provides outside counsel, expertise, and support to in-house counsel and legal departments. We serve as strategic business partners merging legal and business strategies to offer innovative business solutions with the best interests of the business and its owners always our objective.